Ramadan 2019

Authentic Mediterranean/Syrian Feast during Ramadan.

Authentic Mediterranean/Syrian Feast during Ramadan.

Your IFTAR Events Catered:

During this Holy Month of Ramadan, we are proud to cater the best menus, buffets, and presentation.

Planning to host an Iftar event at home or in a venue? We will work with you planning the event, decorations, tables, servers, and menu. A delicious traditional menus that remind you of home.

Please fill your info here, and one of our representatives will contact you.

Traditional Ramadan Dishes:

We offer an amazing list of Ramadan menu such as Yogurt “Laban” dishes like:

  1. Kibbeh Labanyeh: Beef meatballs, braised in yogurt.

  2. Zucchini with Laban: Zucchini stuffed with meat, and braised in yogurt.

  3. Shakrieh: Lamb meat, braised in yogurt, and served with rice or burgul wheat side.

  4. Shish Burak: Meat pockets, braised in yogurt.

We continue to offer our traditional and authentic dishes:

  1. Sambusek Cheese, and meat.

  2. Spinach, olives, zaatar, turkey…etc mini savory pies.

  3. Grape leaves rolls, stuffed with beef and rice, or rice and chickpeas (Yalanji).

  4. Ouzi and Farikeh.

  5. Okra with a side of rice.

  6. Green beans with a side of rice.

Sweets for Ramadan

Sweets for Ramadan

Ramadan Baskets

Ramadan Baskets

Ramadan Baskets:

Do not miss an amazing gift when you visit your family or friends for Iftar or gathering during Ramadan.

We offer an amazing baskets and arrangements:

  1. Maamoul Pistachios

  2. Maamoul Walnuts

  3. Maamoul Dates

  4. Maamoul Almonds.

  5. Baklava

  6. Milk cookies

You can always customize your maamoul and cookies selections, and add:

  1. Nuts and dates.

  2. Dried figs, and apricots.

  3. Lemonade bottle

  4. Rose water bottle.

  5. Milk puddings (Mhallabieh), and rice puddings.

Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan Kareem

Enjoy our food and experience.